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About us

Dear Madame,

Dear Sir,

The HAKOPAR Export-Import Trade and Service Company has been operating on Polish market since 1991 (earlier known as HANDOPOL Trade Company).

Wide ranges of production have been including in the main foreign trade for three years. Principally, almost products are being offered for potential co-operative company, firm and plant working as products of Polish steel and metal industry.

The HAKOPAR wide range of co-operative Polish firm includes numbers of known and high-qualified companies and speciality production plants, also. The finally selection of Polish performer depends on technical and technology requirements, expectations of foreign recipient and kind of the RFQ received by Hakopar company.

The HAKOPAR Export-Import company co-operates with companies, production works and plants, which represent and cover wide area of Polish steel and metal industry, including:

  • Machine sector
  • Mill and foundry sector
  • Mechanical sector

Almost of companies – co-operators have ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 certified and have used this standard during production process. All companies producing for our orders welded steel structures, welded steel constructions and welded construction elements are holders of SLV authority in accord with DIN 18800 T7, DNV NORSOK M-101 Rev. 4/2000 or Offshore Standards DNV-OS-C401/2004 . Those standards and authorities help HAKOPAR Export-Import to make and to produce elements in keeping with the order and an accordance to a wanted delivery term.



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